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Beitragvon Iketani » Do 18. Jan 2018, 18:58

Hi, I'm José from Spain and I want to enter in some championships of Assetto Corsa. Can I get the TeamSpeak credentials for asking some questions, please? Lot of thanks.

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Re: Hello!

Beitragvon Sandfuchs37 » Fr 19. Jan 2018, 22:34

hey Iketani,

nice to meet you there at our community. I am happy about our next international driver. See you on track :D

Andre Wolf
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Re: Hello!

Beitragvon Andre Wolf » Fr 19. Jan 2018, 22:39

Guten Tag Jose und Herzlich willkommen here.

Mut steht am Anfang des Handelns , Glück am Ende.
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Re: Hello!

Beitragvon Daec » Fr 19. Jan 2018, 22:45

Hello Jose and welcome to RSRC.
You can easily join the TS Server by using the TS viewer app on the front page.
Click on a Channel and select "open TeamSpeak 3 client" when prompted.


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